Thursday, October 30, 2008


Paradise Diversion

Kawee is the only child of millionaire, Kid Worawath. Kawee has everything: he is rich, handsome and has a bright future ahead of him. But having lost his mother as a child, Kawee never forgave his father for remarrying and sending him to study abroad. He grows up to be bad-tempered, selfish and arrogant.
Shortly after his stepmother dies in a car accident, Kawee's father proposes to Leela, a young woman Kawee's age. In fact, five years earlier, Leela had been in love with Kawee but was turned down and badly humiliated by him. When Leela finds out that her suitor Kid is Kawee's father, she is hesitant to accept his marriage proposal but decides to do it to take revenge on Kawee.
After the wedding, Leela moves into her husband's palace with her mother, her brother Rerm and her younger sister, Narin. Kawee makes life miserable for everyone by picking on Leela and accusing her of being a golddigger. But because he can't do anything to her, he turns his anger on Leela's sister, Narin, a kind girl with a sharp tongue.
To make Leela mad and jealous, Kawee goes as far as kidnapping Narin and locking her up with him for days. After he takes advantage of her, Narin is devastated and tries to escape, commit suicide and contact her family, all without success. Because she thinks she has nothing more to lose, Narin doesn't hold back and throws the truth at Kawee about his despicable actions and attitude. Kawee plays tough outside but is deeply hurt inside as he knows that she is right. He starts developing feelings for Narin, but is very awkward at showing it.
After he releases her, Narin is too ashamed to tell anybody what happened and she falls in a state of withdrawal. Although Kawee tries to be nice to her afterwards, she does not believe in his good intentions. Leela sees that Kawee is starting to care for Narin and becomes jealous and resentful towards Narin.
Things do not get better at home. After a heated argument with Kawee, Kid has a heart attack and dies leaving the palace to Leela and Kawee. Stuck in the middle, Narin decides to move out against Leela's will. Weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Kawee's child. She tries to hide the truth from Kawee but he finds out. Narin feels she has no choice but to leave everyone without saying a word, so she can start over. Kawee who is now in love with Narin starts a desesparate search for her. He promises not to return home until he finds her...

Ken Theeradeth as Kawee
Anne Thongprasom as Narin
Nattharika Thammapreedanan as Leela
Louis Scott as Tom
Dilok Thong wattana as Kid
Jensuda Parnto as Patrapapa
Nithichai YotAmornSunthorn as Sam

Aired: 03/25/08
Episodes: 12
Watch it with english subtitles at:

Listen to the opening soundtrack:

Jud On Khong Chan Yoo Tee Hua Jai - Aof Pongsak

Sin Sud Gan Tee - Panadda Ruengwut

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Love Songs of the Mekong River
The story takes place in the northeastern Thai province of Nakhon Pranom and revolves around Champa, a pretty Lao-American tour guide, and Phee, a handsome Thai young man who aspires to become a famous singer. Although Champa lives on one side of the Mekong River and Phee on the other side, one day, by pure coincidence, they meet. By the waters of the majestic river, they fall in love. They make a solemn promise to love each other but a series of unexpected events slowly lead to their separation. Champa is injured during a kidnapping attempt and misses Phee as he leaves for Bangkok to participate in a singing contest...

Alexandra Bounxouei as Champa
Wier Sukollawat as Phee

Aired: 03/27/2007 to 05/14/2007
Episodes: 14

The storyline was ordinary. However, Alexandra and Wier had great chemistry together and this really made up for the lack of originality. The movie has many great songs by Alexandra and Wier. Check them out!

Pleng Ruk Rim Fang Khong
by Weir Sukollawat and Alexandra Bounxouei

pleng ruk rhim fang khong
chueng yom huk how noom sow
pleng pin ruk roy lung low

hai how noom sow wow pla sa hua jai
jai ai nun me thae nong
jai nong kor me pieng ai
long kuen siang kan kam jai
mae khong ying yai hai pen pan yun
oong pra tad pla noum low kuer tiew choom pai krub oong tun
hai song how huk suay ni lun sook pa thoo suvan soo huang fun duang jai
hai huk song how mun khong
mae khong rai rim hoy jai
huk how roy pee bor klai

pleng ruk ying yai sook jai song how
boong pra tad pla noum low kuer tiew choom pai krub oong tun
hai song how huk suay ni lun sook pa thoo suvan soo huang fun duang jai
hai huk song how mun khong
mae khong rai rim hoy jai
huk how roy pee bor klai

pleng ruk ying yai sook jai song how

Bor Hoo Pen Yang
By Weir Sukollawat and Alexandra Bounxouei

bor hoo pen yang hen na nang hua jai ai san
bor hue kue kan lue pen savan sung ma
ai kep jai wai bor kuer huk pai dok na
bor sue i va yan thou hai nong hong hai
ai wow jak jai nong ngam nue nang nai fan
ya ma vow van yan huk laew ight plian jai
ai nuer sanya see huk jow hawt mue thie
jum kam ight vai fa din hai pen pha nya

huk ai bor nong
nong bawk bor dai kaw vey la jai dai yin hoosu gun lay gan
see lor wun nan wan huk song how sook san
kee pee kee van nong nun bor me plian jai
hua jai ni rang soo tor pai bor me wai wang
pur huk tow nan nong nee kow pen hang jai
wan dai ai tor kor yim wan wan dai mai
nong kor soong jai hee ight dai thou veyla

Bor Lum Sanya
By Alexandra Bounxouei

jai kit tueng kone hak you took veyla
yak bork va jai huang ha kit theung you
you sai nor kiao ta hurra nong y0ung hot hoo
jow ja hoo lue dai va mee kone fow lor krai
yak pen kone jai noy pai luer yort suen
yak hai hoo you nei jai mon mong bor naw
yak duen tam tor toy jai lor pai hak mark man
jone dai tam hung hawn mueng kone bor hoo jak kan

(Repeat twice)
nyang bor luem bor luem sanya
nyang juet jam took kam tee kuer vow ja
tee phan ma kuer huang kan fang huk pin atitan
huk gan jone soo wa faa
yoo thor na tad luang laew tad pra noom

kor ving vorn kaw porn tep tai tey ma
prad ta na hai champa kong huk sook soon
hai koon huk luern lome ya mee hua jai kun kome
jon sune some hua jai nong nyang bor luem sunya